CCA Points

California Cornhole Association Official Points System

Season 4 CCA Points Race starts 1/1/23

What is the CCA Points Race? 

Great question let’s start with the basics.  It is very similar to a cornhole league, you have a defined period of time (season) where you compete at various events (Micro, Tour and Signature Series events), thrown by groups/club and the CCA all to earn points.

At the end of the season based on the points you have earned you qualify for the CCA Championships, Division Recognitions and possibly the Elite 60. 

With the points race you can play in micro and tour events without ever needing to purchase a player’s card. BUT if you want to play in the larger Signature Series Events and qualify for the Championships you will need to purchase a player’s card.


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Signature Series Event Dates

Updated 01/01/23

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Player’s Guide

Updated 01/01/23

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Extra Payout Pot

Updated 05/30/23

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End of Season 3


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Where to find local events

Groups/Clubs Participating

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Are you a club or group interested in hosting events that are CCA Points Eligible?

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