CCA Points

California Cornhole Association Official Points System

Season 3 Points Race starts 12/1/21

We are so excited to kick off Season 3 of the Points Race!!

We have been waiting since 2020 to run a full-blown points season and we have finally arrived!!

What is the CCA Points Race?

The CCA Points Race allows you the ability to earn points while you play with the CCA. You will get the opportunity to compete against players at the same skill level in different types of events for championship titles, prizes, or cash.

The Race is utilizing the player race card program to build guaranteed payout pots for players competing. So along with paying out the regular payout percentages per each tournament, we are also building pots for players to win at the CCA Championships.

How does it work?

1.Assess your player level and purchase the corresponding RACE CARD

2.Play in Micro, Tour and Signature Series events     throughout the season

3.Collect points for placement in each Race event you   participate in

4.Qualify for the CCA Championships, Season Titles and Elite 60 Party

What is NEW for this season?

  • Individual Points for placements will be awarded and tracked in Scoreholio!
  • Individual Groups within and outside of the CCA will be able to run Micro and Tour points events to provide more opportunities for players to play in a variety of places.
  • Opportunity in the Social Division to choose cash payout
  • Elite 60 party for those who qualify
  • End of the season Titles & Awards
  • Player of the YEAR AWARD
  • Extra Sponsor CASH to the RACE – Our starting pot for CCA Championships is 5k, and our goal is to reach at least 10k in extra payout pots for championships!



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